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Duration: 1h19m


Tells the real-life story of two visionaries, Sharon Gannon and David Life, who have inspired and continue to inspire, a world of change through a method called, Jivamukti Yoga. Told through the people that made that history around the world, spanning more than three decades including Sting, Russell Simmons, Krishna Das, Donna Karan, WAH, MC Yogi and many more...

“My Work As A Performer Is Physically Demanding, And My Work As A Songwriter Challenges My Imagination. Yoga Practice Has Enhanced My Capacity In Both Areas. My Duties As A Husband And A Father, As Well As My Ability To Deal With Other Relationships, Have All Been Enhanced By A Yoga Practice That Has Become Inextricably Bound To Every Aspect Of My Life.” Sting.

Join the film's director and narrator, Jay Mac, as he poses the question "What is Real?" Embarking on a personal journey to liberate body, mind and soul from the human condition we call Ignorance, Egoism, Attachment to Pleasure, Hatred and Fear of Death.